Qi Gong

Qi Gong

Our first Qi Gong classes will working with the eight silken brocades

These eight movements are very old and date back to the second century BC. They were designed to keep conscripts in the army healthy in mind body and spirit. These movements are easy to learn for all learners young and old. No equipment is required just loose clothing and flat footwear. Qi Gong is designed to easy yet effective. Key to the benefits of qi gong are regular practice, and a relaxed body and mind. Practicing in groups also has beneficial effects. 



Qi Gong is a meditative practice that has many different styles and focuses. We will be combing Swimming Dragon Qi Gong with our Tai Chi courses. Swimming Dragon Qi Gong is very simple to learn and it’s focus is to remove stagnation of Qi in the spine (Tai Chi Pole) and to tonify the Kidney Qi. The Kidneys in Chinese Medicine are responsible for the body’s metabolism and as such this style of Qi Gong can be used in weight loss or people with low levels of energy.

We will also be offering, in the future, courses in Phoenix medical Qi Gong for medical practitioners. This style has a focus on building Qi and directing it. It is designed to compliment Acupuncturists and other Therapists working physically with patients such as massage therapists.


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