Tui Na

Tui Na

TuiNa is a form of deep tissue massage that works on the muscles and energy meridians of the body to promote healing. TuiNa is practiced a little differently from western styles of massage as it doesn’t usually require disrobement. Patients usually just wear a t-shirt and light trousers and the practitioner will work through the clothes. Sometimes oils are used but in general it is preformed fully clothed. 

TuiNa is extensively used in China to treat young children. The are a number of manipulations but most are light and brisk. Children have a lot of Qi and as such it is easier to access it in the very young. Children can get a good relief from conditions such as Asthma, Constipation, Diarrhea and other childhood conditions

Here is a demonstration of a child getting tuina for cough in a Chinese hospital. 


If you have a parent and toddler group and would like to learn more about tuina for your kids and learn a simple general massage, please contact me 

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