Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common, and vary from minor injuries to major complex trauma. Usually, only soft tissue is damaged, but there can also be fracturing of bone. Soft tissue injuries include sprains, strains and bruising. A sprain is a partial or complete rupture of a ligament, a strain is a partial tear of muscles and a bruise is a rupture of tissue leading to a haematoma. Any soft-tissue injury can lead to a tenderness, swelling, haematoma, scarring, fibrosis and loss of function.

Using the balance method of acupuncture the patient can very quickly feel the effect (usually within seconds) of the treatment. This style of acupuncture works very well with all kinds of pain and helps the body to heal itself . There are very few side effects from acupuncture and, as we don’t needle the torso, the balance method is extremely safe.

Commonly treated conditions:

  • Acute Strains, Spasms & Sprains: The term “acute injury” refers to a strain or sprain. Strains involve tendons and muscles whereas sprains pertain to ligaments. Aside from pain, the body’s response can include redness, swelling, and reduced range of motion.
  • Chronic Pain: Those suffering from sports injuries learn to accept their level of immobility instead of proactively treating it. This can lead to depression. Acupuncture can relieve and eliminate a variety of aches and pains.
  • Arthritis & Joint Conditions: An autoimmune disease, arthritis commonly occurs with repetitive or chronic injuries. Due to the stiffness and pain, you may find it difficult to exercise, walk, or lift heavy objects.
  • Performance Enhancement: Acupuncture bolsters body function and restores internal balance, promoting heightened performance and lower stress levels. Enhanced circulation allows you to push yourself further while minimizing wear and tear on your ligaments, muscles, and joints.
  • Sciatica, Shoulder, Back & Neck Pain: This practice is also effective in treating a variety of back and neck issues. Back, shoulder and neck pain are extremely common, whether due to a bad tackle or hours spent huddled over an office desk. When treated with acupuncture, injuries to these areas, whether chronic or acute, will see an accelerated recovery.

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In the case of sports clubs who may have a number of athletes that need treatment,  I am available for group sessions in the evenings. The majority of my treatments can be given in chairs  making group sessions easier to arrange.

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