Medical Incense

Heating the Incense pellet

Incense use can be traced back to monks in the Tang dynasty in China. While it was used by the aristocracy as a pass time served with tea, it also had uses in the spiritual field (still used in temples today) and in the medical field. Doctors of the ancient world recognised the used of incense in treating their patients. Incense was more than just a for aromatherapy, the herbs used and the methods of preparation were detailed and essential to a good incense and a good result for their patients.

While incense is rarely used today to treat patients, remaking the recipes proves to be difficult. Challenges that are faced are

  • Herbs whose name has changed over time proving identification difficult
  • Herbs that are now rare and expensive
  • Herbs that are no longer safe for use

Taking that in to account we have been able to reconstruct a number of recipes using the original herbs and processes.

Repelling the Scourge Incense

Medical Incense “repelling the scourge”

This formula comes from the master Bao Xiang Ao in his book “New Compilation of Proven Formulas”

It was designed to protect a household for illness as the seasons changed. These incense pellets are warmed not burned. the aroma is gentle and fills a room without being in your face. All the herbs are of the highest quality and processed by hand in traditional processes.

Recovery from Weakness and Disease

Medical Incense “recover from weakness and disease”

This is a Ming dynasty incense recipe, given to patients after illness to help in their recovery. Zhou Jia Zhou is the author of this formula. This is an aged incense and requires being buried in the ground for a number of weeks before its ready for use. In the book Xiang Cheng, it states that this “incense was to be used and the patient to smell the aroma constantly. the weakness and disease will resolve itself without any further intervention.” Again this incense is heated and not burned. The herbs are difficult to source and difficult to work with but provides a very unique aroma. Its wonderful to smell what a clinic would smell like in the 1300s in China

Incense to protect from seasonal epidemics

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Incense for exorcism of evil spirits

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