San Fu Tian

In the Chinese culture, San Fu Tian “三伏天” means the optimum growth period during Summer. Discover the best time period to improve your body’s physiological your body’s functions.

According to the Chinese calendar, there are three periods in the year where the Yang Qi is strongest. During these days if people are suffering from yang deficiency or qi deficiency, a treatment of medicinal moxabustion is applied to the skin at certain points to boost the body. This Treatment is not found much in the west as it causes a small blister but in China the hospitals will have lines out the door on these days. Studies have shown very good success with this method for treating asthma.

Year 2019 Tian Fu Tian dates:

Period 1:2019 July 12(农历六月初十)——2019 July 21(农历六月十九)
Period 2:2019 July 22(农历六月二十)——2019 August 10(农历七月初十)
Period 3:2019 August 11(农历七月十一)——2019 August 22(农历七月廿二)


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