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AWB does work all over the world. What do we do? well have you ever had a shock or trauma and you have difficulty sleeping, eating and feeling agitated afterwards. Well that’s because we are in fight and flight mode. When the initial incident has passed we must move back in to rest and recover. This can be difficult for the majority of us. Acupuncture can help that process. The sooner we switch modes back the better. we can prevent Post Traumatic Stress from setting in. You may not see the results from a picture but the testimonials are amazing. It is not until we experience such trauma that we can truly appropriate the help acupuncture can provide. Please watch the videos below to see what we do and how we do it.

We treat, sleep, anxiety, stress, physical pain, emotional pain

We treat in disaster areas, community clinics, we can help with survivors of all types of trauma from battlefield to disaster to your local community.

No talk is needed, no story telling required. Just sit and relax.

Five tiny needles or ear seeds in each ear, kids or adults.

Ear Acupuncture NADA
Crossing Borders: Trauma Healing in Nepal (Acupuncturists Without Borders – AWB)
Renée’s fire story
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