Spring Wellness

Spring has finally come to this little island if ours. The sun is shining and the bees are buzzing. All is wonderful. So what do the ancient sages of China have to tell us about keeping well at this time of the year.

As humans are a product of our surrounding we are also subject to seasonal changes. Li Chun is the Chinese term for the beginning of spring. Cold moves to warmth and yang ascends. At this time the Yang Qi in the Body moves upwards and outwards. Our bodies are preparing for warm days but the cold has not yet fully passed. Our word of caution

Muffling the body in Spring

We need to stay warm even on these sunny days as we are susceptible to cold invasion. But it’s not all bad, the ancients also recommend to wake early and go to bed late, in order to bathed in all spring sunlight.

Walk in the courtyard and allow your mind to be natural and at ease with the germination and growth of spring

Emotion of spring is Anger, the liver Qi rises and nourishes the qi and blood, but when blocked we have pain and tempers shorten. When Qi and Blood are nourished, we can cope with seasonal change easily, when blocked or stagnant, the change is more difficult. This time of the year is when we wake from the winter and are advised to take some moderate exercise. Yang Qi ascends and people begin to walk, hike and play

Tai Chi and Qi Gong help the body’s Qi to move and to harmonize with the seasons

So get outside, feel the sun on you face and the smell of flowers in you nose. Throw a few Tai Chi shapes and keep the jumpers on for a few more weeks.

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