Summertime Wellness

Summertime has arrived and all things are good. This time of the year yang qi is in full effect and growing towards it’s peak. The theme of the summer time is growing. All around us we see flowers blossoming and trees turning green. We all feel the better of the sunshine and we have more energy during the day.

Sleep late, rise early

The classics tell us not to be adverse to the long summer days and higher temperatures. Sleep late and rise early. The summer solstice is the peak of yang qi and yin begins return. Where yang qi is the driving force of life, yin qi shapes it. This interplay of heaven and earth energies gives rise to good harvests and growth throughout.

Anger will hurt the heart

The yellow Emperor warns us not to get angry in the summer time. This anger combined with the natural abundance of yang qi will hurt the heart. This will lead to insomnia and illness in the autumn.

Face the rising sun

Try some Tai Chi or Yoga facing the rising sun each morning
Walking in high mountains, forests and seashores
A warm bath in the evening soothes the sympathetic nervous system, dilates the blood vessels and washes away the sweat of the day
Have a nap in the afternoon, summer days are long

Cooling foods, but not cold

As summer is hot, and yang qi is high, the classics recommend cooling foods. These include cucumber, honeysuckle tea, mung beans, water melon and chicken. Avoid hot and spicy foods to prevent too much heat. Cold food such as ice cream and cold drink are not advised and they impede the stomach and spleen’s function which will in focus in late summer. The ancient sages were not fond of a cold beer of an evening.

Get out there and enjoy it

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